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Is it a Genuine Redundancy?

There are many questions that people ask around the issue of redundancy but the one that comes up the most often is I have been made redundant, can they do that?  With everything that has happened to the economy businesses are looking at ways to innovate.  One possible innovation is…

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photo of goods waiting to be sold
How to sell uncollected goods to recover your invoiced amount

In Queensland it is possible to obtain the right to dispose (sell) uncollected goods which have been accepted in the course of business for inspection, repair, storage or other treatment.  To be entitled to sell those goods under the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act (“the Act”) a number of steps…

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New bullying laws put to the test

It has taken only six months for the new anti-bulling laws to be tested in its first substantive decision.  In Ms SB [2014] FWC 2104 the Fair Work Commission considered an application by Ms SB to stop bulling after alleging that certain conduct amounted to bullying.  The commission also explored…

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