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What are the employment Commissions, Tribunals and Courts in Queensland?

There are, among others, a Fair Work Commission (FWC), Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC), Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC), Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), the Office of Industrial Relations (OIR), the Commonwealth Law Courts, the Magistrate Court of Queensland, District Court of Queensland and Supreme Court of Queensland.

Has an employee made a claim against you?

If you have received a claim against your business/company, we encourage you to contact us for some advice on how to move forward.  Depending on how far along the claim is and what Commission/Tribunal/Court it is being run through, will dictate our involvement and what the next steps would be.

What are your options?

You should figure out whether you want to mediate with your employee or just respond to their application.  Depending on how much risk there is to your business it may be a good idea to enter into mediation to come to a mutual solution rather than a lengthy litigation.

How do our employment lawyers help you?

We can prepare all material on your behalf, we can correspond with the other side to try and settle outside of Court and we can appear on your behalf, should the matter go to hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

An employee has made a claim against me, can I just ignore the claim?

No, it is important that you consider the claim and what our legal requirements to respond are.

An employee has made a Small Claim against me, can you represent me in that matter?

Usually no, we can ask for leave to represent you but it will be a matter for the Magistrate or Registrar to agree.

We have been handling a Fair Work Commission matter on our own but we now acknowledge that we are out of our depths.  Is it too late to engage a lawyer to help?

It is usually never too late to get help; the only constraint will be the capacity of the firm you engage to do the work within the timeframes.  Best ask the law firm if they have capacity before engaging them.

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