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What is employment documentation?

Employment documentation can cover a variety of material such as; employment contracts, letters of offer, letters notifying the employee of proposed disciplinary action, letters notifying the employee you wish to change their working conditions, letters to employees notifying them of salary increase/decrease and letters terminating employment.

What documents are important to get right?

The short answer is all your documents should be in order, but the ones you should be thinking about are Employment contracts, letters regarding disciplinary actions and letters ending an employee’s employment.

If you are using self service, the internet or Chat GPT to create your docuemnts, you probablay want someone to take a look and make sure it is doing what you expect.  We can help you there too.

How do I know which ones I need?

This is a difficult question to answer, a good place to start is to undertake some type of audit to see what you have and think about which ones you want to have.

How do our employment lawyers help you?

We can prepare template documents for you to use across your business with all of your employees.  Whether that be new employees, employees who are being promoted to higher duties or employees exiting the business.  We encourage you to engage us to prepare these templates for you to use within your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We need to advise our employee of some issues we have been noticing around the workplace.  What letter should we present them regarding this?

Check first to see if you have a policy on this point and refer to it if you have.  A letter is fine but if it needs a more personal touch then you can have one-on-one meetings or a group meeting for these types of issues.

We need to terminate an employee. What do we need to include in the termination letter, if we need to give them one at all?

It is a legal requirement to provide a letter of termination.  Make sure you have the date of termination in it and it is usually a good idea to make sure the employee knows what entitlements they will receive as well as an understanding as to why they are being terminated.

We would like to offer someone a position within our business without handing them an employment contract straight away.  Is there a way we can do this?

Every employee and employer relationship is a contractual one with or with a written contract.  If you present a contract after employment commences then you need to be prepared for that employee to refuse to sign it.

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