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What does Employee Redundancy mean to you?

You may have been told that your position is one that may be made redundant or you may have already been told that your position is redundant, if you have questions on this we can help you.

Have you been made redundant?

When your position is made redundant you need to consider whether the redundancy is genuine, whether you have been paid in accordance with your contract, award or enterprise agreement and the Fair Work Act.  We can help you understand your rights and your employer’s responsibilities.

What are your legal options?

If your job is redundant and you do not think it is genuine then you may be eligible to file an unfair dismissal application, you have the right to receive all your lawful entitlements and if you are eligible your long service leave entitlements.

How do our employment lawyers help you?

We can help you figure out if your redundancy is genuine and whether you have been paid all your entitlements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my entitlements?

Depending on whether the business is a small business under the Fair Work Act or not you may be entitled to redundancy pay. This also depends on what is in your employment contract, enterprise agreement/award and the Fair Work Act.

What if I do not think my redundancy is genuine?

You may have a number of actions available to you including unfair dismissal. This will depend on your circumstances and whether you meet the eligibility criteria.

Can I say no to a redundancy?

This is a complicated question, in some cases it may be that your redundancy is a voluntary one then you could say no if it is not a voluntary redundancy then it will be less likely that you can say no.

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