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What is discrimination?

Discrimination occurs when someone is treated less favourably because of their race, sex, family commitments or age, among other attributes.

Have you been discriminated against?

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether the conduct you have experienced is discrimination.  If you feel like you have been exposed to discriminatory behaviours, then we encourage you to speak to a lawyer or contact the Human Rights Commission.

What are your legal options?

If you have been discriminated against then you may be eligible to file an anti-discrimination application with your local Anti-Discrimination Commission or Human Rights Commission.

How do our employment lawyers help you?

We can help you by assisting you to navigate through the discrimination environment and provide comfort in having an experienced professional deal with your matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time limitation for making an anti-discrimination application?

Most jurisdictions have a one (1) year time limitation.  This can be extended at the discretion of the relevant Commission but you will need to provide reason for missing the timeframe.  You may experience some difficulties getting the application over the line if you cannot provide a valid reason for the delay.

Do I have to attend a conciliation if I make an application?

Usually yes as it is part of the process after you file an anti-discrimination application.

Do I file in a State or Federal jurisdiction?

This depends on the type of discrimination you have suffered.  We can help you with this.

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