National Employment Standards 9 of 10 – Notice of termination and redundancy pay

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My name is Melanie Thorley and I am the principle solicitor of MJT Law.

Today I want to talk about number 9 of the 10 national employment standards.

Notice of termination and redundancy pay

Notice depends on how long an employee has worked and the employment contract.  The minimum entitlements are set down by the NES.

An employee may give notice verbally or in writing however an employer must give notice in writing.

An employer may pay in lieu of notice.

Whether an employee is entitled to redundancy pay depends on whether the employer has more than 14 employees.  If so then the amount of redundancy pay is stipulated in the NES.

An employer may vary the redundancy pay for a number of reasons including finding acceptable employment for the employee but any reduction must be applied for through the fair work commission who will determine the total reduction.

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