National Employment Standards 6 of 10 – Community service leave

Community service leave

Today I want to talk about number 6 of the 10 national employment standards – Community service leave

Community service leave

Employees, including casual employees can take community service leave if

Volunteering emergency management activities or jury duty including jury selection.

Usually this type of leave is unpaid.

Some of the situations where an employee may take community service leave which is voluntary emergency management activity is:

  • when the activity involves an emergency or natural disaster;
  • the activity is voluntary;
  • the request has been made or it would be reasonable for the request to be made in the circumstances;
  • the employee is a member of a recognised emergency body.

An employee who is on community service must notify the employer as soon as practicable and let them know how long it may be for.

There is no limit to the amount of community service leave an employee can take.

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By: Melanie Thorley 

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