National Employment Standards 5 of 10 – Personal & carers leave

Personal & carers leave

Today I want to talk about number 5 of the 10 national employment standards -Personal & carers leave

Personal & carers leave – this is also called sick leave

At the time of preparing this video, sick leave is the subject to legal proceedings.  However until that matter is finalised all full-time and part-time employees are entitled to 10 sick leave days per year,  part-time employees will receive their pro-rata entitlement.

Sick leave is used when an employ is sick or injured.

It can also be used to care for family member who is sick or injured or to help during a family emergency.

Family members or household members also include parent, grandparent, current or former de-facto or spouse, or their children.  Household members includes anyone who lives with the employee.

This type of leave is a right and can only be refused in very limited situation.

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By: Melanie Thorley

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