National Employment Standards 3 of 10 – Maternity and parental leave

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My name is Melanie Thorley and I am the principle solicitor of MJT Law.

Today I want to talk about number 3 of the 10 national employment standards.

Maternity and parental leave

Employees can get parental leave when a child is born or adopted. The leave entitlements includes a number of things including:

Maternity leave
Paternity and partner leave
Adoption leave
A right to return to old job

Employees are entitled to 12 months unpaid parental leave and under certain circumstances can also request an additional 12 months

An employee is eligible if they have been working for their employer for at least 12 months and will have the responsibility to care for the child.

Casual employees who have been regular and systematically working for the employer for 12 months with a reasonable expectation that it will continue will also be eligible.

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