National Employment Standards

What are National Employment Standards (NES)?

Today I want to talk about the national employment standards.

These are 10 minimum standards that apply to all employees in the national workplace relations system.

The 10 standards are:

Maximum weekly hours
Cas – Requests for flexible working arrangements
Cas – Parental leave and related entitlements
Annual leave
Cas – Personal carers leave, compassionate leave and unpaid family and domestic violence leave
Cas – Community service leave
Cas – Long service leave
Public holidays
Notice of termination and redundancy pay
Cas – Fair work information statement

I will go through each of the national employment standards individually through the coming weeks.


NES 1 Maximum weekly hours 

NES 2 Flexible working arrangements

NES 3 Maternity and parental leave

NES 4 Annual Leave

NES 5 Personal & carers leave

NES 6 Community service leave

NES 7 Long service leave

NES 8 Public Holidays

NES 9 Notice of termination and redundancy pay

NES 10 Fair Work Information Statement

By: Melanie Thorley 

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