Filing Multiple Applications

Filing Multiple Applications

Today we are going to talk about whether you can file more than one application at the same time.

The Fair Work Act 2009 is the legislation where matters relating to employment law is found for most employees.

If you work for a state government then you need to look at the Industrial relations Act for your information.

Sometimes some things happens to you in the workplace and you need help.

That help may in the form of a:

Unfair Dismissal application;
General Protections application; or
Anti-Discrimination Application.

Under normal circumstances you cannot file more than one application at any one time.  If you do it is likely that the commission or opposing party may contact you and ask which application you wish to proceed in.

Please visit the video above where our Principal Solicitor, Melanie Thorley, explains in simple terms if one can file more than one type of application at any one time.

We also highly recommend visiting our YouTube Channel at MJT Law, if you are in the process of preparing an application.  We have HOW TO videos, where our highly experienced solicitors demonstrate step by step on filing (unfair dismissal / general protections) applications.

Should you require assistance with preparing and filing an application, feel free to contact us via the free consult form.

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