What should be on paysilps

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Hi. Welcome to Tips Tuesday. My name is Melanie Thorley and I’m the principal solicitor at MJT Law. Today we’re going to look at pay slips and what’s required on a pay slip. Okay. We’re at the Fair Work Ombudsman website. You can see here there’s a list of what needs to be on a pay slip. Now, remember, it’s important for the employee’s name to be on it, the ABN, the pay period with which the pay slip pertains to, and the date of payment that you made to that employee, and of course the gross and net pay.

Now, there are some other things that need to be on there, like the hourly rate, any allowances and deductions, and any superannuation. Now, remember, that although it’s not a requirement for leave balances to be on a pay slip, it is best practice, and it does help the employee fully understand their leave entitlements, including their sick leave entitlements. Now, it is a breach of the Fair Work Act to not provide a payment, and there are some penalties that are attached to that, so please make sure that you provide all employees with a pay slip that has the appropriate information on within one day of that employee being paid.

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