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Hi, welcome to Tips Tuesday. My name is Melanie Thorley, and I’m the principle solicitor at HKT Law. Today we’re going to look at hairdressing. Okay, so we’re going to put in here “hairdressing assist”, and we’re going to press enter. We’re going to go up to the top here and go Fair Work Ombudsman hairdressing assist. Now this is a really good tool that the Fair Work Ombudsman has pulled out in order to help hairdressers and hairdresser employees and employers work out some of the more complicated areas of working as a hairdresser.

Now, we’re going to start here. Now we’re going to say that we’re an employee, and we’re going to click next. It asks if we work in Western Australia, but if we click yes, then there will be some different questions, because Western Australia has slightly different rules. Today, we’re going to just press ‘no’, and go to next.

Okay, so are you an apprentice in Queensland? We’re going to put ‘none of these apply’. You could be an apprentice in Queensland, we’re just going to say we ‘want to know about pay conditions’ today.

Okay, we want to know about our pay, about unfair dismissal, there are a lot of choices here. One of the ones that I really like is ‘my employer has closed the business’. Okay, check my ‘end of employment pay items’, so this is about leave and notice. Okay, so at the moment, we’re going to say that you work part-time, but if you click on this, it’ll give you a little bit more information here. So a part-time worker is any worker that works less than 38 hours work per week. Of set hours. So we’re going to say part-time and go next.

Okay, so you can say that you’re thinking about resigning, and then it’s going to ask a little bit about your employment, when did you start. Now, if you click on there, of course it brings up a little box to choose the date that which you star work. We’re going to put here, something along the lines of the first of January.

Now, click on there, it says when employee resigns, you need to give notice to the employer. This can be done verbally or in writing. So the date you want to resign, well, today is the 17th, so let’s go the 19th, since it’s Tips Tuesday, and your last day of work, we’re going to say, is going to be the 26th. Were you employed for a specific time period or task? We’re going to say no to that. And do you know how much annual leave is left over? If we click this little button here, it just says here, when employment ends, an employee needs to be paid out all their unused annual leave, as part of their final pay. So we don’t know how much that is, so we’re going to press no.

Now it’s going to ask us some further questions about how often we work. So we’re going to say we ordinarily work five hours, oh, it’s a bit small isn’t it. Ten hours per week, and that was right up until the time that we’ve decided we’re going to leave. How many hours of annual leave have you taken during your employment? We’re going to say you’ve taken two. Are you only shift workers, we’re going to say no. Have you taken any unpaid leave? Now again, if we click this, it says unpaid leave does not accumulate as part of your authorized leave. So we’re going to say no to that, but if you did take annual … unpaid leave, then you wouldn’t be accumulating annual leave at the same time. If you were taking annual leave, then of course you do accumulate annual leave while you’re on annual leave.

Taken any unpaid parental leave? We’re going to say no to that. We’re also going to say there are no outstanding wages. So let’s get our results. Right, says there that we’ve got 11 hours and 2 minutes of annual leave left over. You have to give one weeks notice. If we click on this, it will give us some more information about that. Notice of [period 00:04:17], is a time which an employee or employer has to give at the end of employment. Okay, so this is calculated on the amount of time that you worked. If an employee does not give notice or less notice in the minimum period, then they can withhold the difference in your pay. So make sure you give the appropriate notice.

It says your length of employment was 17 weeks, that you worked an average of 10 hours, and you’ve taken 2 hours of annual leave. Now your final pay total will be 11 hours and 2 minutes left over annually, so you’ll get paid out for that at the time you leave.

Right, if you want to e-mail yourself this information, you can just pop your e-mail details there and press save if you want to save it, or I would recommend pressing ‘start again’. If you’ve got more questions about it, there is a continue button, and this just goes on about tips and hints about guides about dealing with workplace issues. You can just click on these as you want to.

Look, I hope you found that useful today. If you do, continue watching, or press ‘like’ on YouTube. Thank you very much.