How to find my award

How to find my award 150 150 MJT Law - Brisbane Employment Lawyers

Hello everyone. My name is Melanie Thorley and I’m the principal solicitor at MJT Law. Today’s tip is how to find your award. We’re going to go to a Google page and put in find my award and press enter. You’ll see here that there’s a list. We’re going to go down to award finder, fair work commission.

This page pops up. Now, we’re going to scroll across to modern awards and click on that. Now we can get the list of either the top twenty or to view all modern awards. Click on that and press find my award. It’s not going to be particularly helpful to you because it’s going to list every single award that’s out there. We’re going to have to narrow things down a little bit. We’re going to do that by occupation. A really common occupation is retail so we’re going to put retail in. You can see here there are lots of sort of indicative jobs that are attached to retail. I’m going to scroll down and look for one. Perhaps, retail outdoor sales person. I’m going to click find my award. Here we are in the general retail industry award. I click on the little eye button. It will give me some information about the award itself and who it covers. It says it covers employees through out Australia but it does state that it does not cover the fast food industry, the meat industry, the hair and beauty industry and the pharmacy award.

We’re going to go, that’s okay for us because we’re in a shop and we’re selling clothes. I’m going to put view. Then the award’s going to come up, very slowly. Here we go. We’re going to start with coverage. You can see the award is really large. You need to narrow down some things that are really important to you. We’re going to go to coverage first and it’s going to say the same thing. The industry covers employees through out Australia and the general industry retail. It doesn’t include fast food, meat industry, so on and so forth.

What you need to find out is what level you would be. We need to scroll down here and we’re going to go all the way down to classifications. Okay here is where you’re going to find out what level you are. It really helps you go through this because it gives you an idea of what duties you’ve got and what you’re going to have to look at to find out what level you’re in. If you’re a receiving and preparation for sale goods, then you might be a level one. If we scroll down a little bit into level two, there’s some additional duties that you might be taking on. At level three it’s got some indicative duties here like opening and closing of the premises and supervisory assistance. Some indicative jobs would be department manager, senior sales persons, and so on and so forth.

Once you’ve come to the conclusion of what level you’re in, the really important thing for you is how much money you’re going to get paid. We’re going to scroll up on this side and we’re going to scroll all the way up to find out wages, minimum weekly wages. Here it tells you that if you’re a level one employee, and you work full time then you would be receiving $721.50 and that’s before tax and without superannuation.

Hopefully that’s going to be of some help to you. If you’ve got any questions, just contact us. Thanks for watching.