How to calculate your pay rate

How to calculate your pay rate 150 150 MJT Law - Brisbane Employment Lawyers

This tutorial session is on how to use the PACT website set up by the Fair Work Ombudsman to find out what pay rate you are on based on your Award.

Hi my name is Melanie Thorley, welcome to MJT Laws tutorial session on how to figure out your pay rate according to your award. First we start with your browser, I am using Google. I have typed in FWO for Fair Work Ombudsman and it is usually the first thing in the list. Choose that and you will be sent to the Fair work ombudsman website.
From there we choose PAY at the top and then Pay Calculator. This will take you to the PACT page. We want the Pay Calculator who choose that. Now we have the first page to calculate your pay rate.
We are going to say that you are an employee and that you want to calculate it as of today. Click NEXT
Now we are at a page which asks whether you know your award or whether you want help finding it. Usually your employer will tell you what your award is (it should be written into your employment contract). I am going to state that I know my award and click NEXT
Now we have to select your award out of the really long list. I am going to choose the retail award because of the simple fact that loads of employees are employed in the retail sector. If I click on the little arrow next to the award it will give me a brief outlined of who is included in this award. You will see that this is a long list. See if you can find your broad job description. It does give some idea of what jobs this award does not cover have a look there, you will notice that restaurant workers are not included. It does show that department stores or those working in food retails are included. If you work for a company like Woolworths or Coles make sure that you are not under an Enterprise Agreement (we can help you with that – give us a call) Okay scroll down to NEXT
Have a think if you are a trainee, eligible for a supported wage or an apprentice. If you click on the little ? marks you will get a brief description of what these are. I have chosen no for each. Click NEXT
Now you have to figure out what level you are at. Don’t worry there is help here for you to choose. Click on the little arrow and it will provide you with a really good idea as to what type of duties fit into which level. Have a little look through these, it will really help you figure it out. I am going to choose level 1 and click NEXT
Choose whether you are full time, part time or casual. Click NEXT
Now this one is easy. How old are you, choose the one that fits. Click NEXT
This page just gives you a bit of overview of the choices that you have made. It is time to click on VIEW PAY RATE SUMMARY
Here finally is your answer. If you were 20 years old this would be your pay rate according to the award based on the fact you are a sales assistant in the retail sector. Now you can add the little things that will boost your pay.
Select PENALTIES, here you will get a list of some additional rates according to your award and hours worked. Probably if you are an employee working in a retail shop you are on a 7-day roster ordinary hours so choose those ones. If you click the ? you will get more information about that. For yourself click whatever apply and then scroll down and choose I KNOW THIS APPLIES.
This will send you back to the other screen with your pay rate on. This time it will have your additional penalty rates. Have some fun with it, have a look to see whether you are entitled to any additional allowances click the ones that apply and then click NEXT
Okay now you are back to the pay rate page with all that new information. Try not to get too confused. Have a look and make sure it matches your actual pay rate, at the very least you should not be paid any less. If you think that your employer has made a mistake you can talk to them about it, or call the Fair Work Ombudsman, or if you like give us a call, we will try to give you some free advice on this subject.