Unfair Dismissal Representation

We can represent you.

For a fixed fee of $600 we will represent you at your unfair dismissal conciliation.

Have you made an application with the Fair Work Commission for unfair dismissal and now you have a conciliation conference to attend?  You may not want to attend the conference on your own or are concerned about getting the best outcome.  I can attend with your and act on your behalf for the fixed fee of $600.

If you want us to act for you at the conciliation conference, I will work in your best interests to get the best outcome we can.  At the conference I will act for you as your representative and negotiate with the other side (your ex-employer and their lawyers) and the conciliator so you don’t have to.

If this sounds like something you want but have more questions, then just give me a call or book your conciliation appointment now and I will contact you to discuss your matter further.

You can have peace of mind that we will act in your best interests and deal with your ex-employer for the fixed fee of $600.  There are no hidden costs, charges or fees.

Call us today and have a chat about how we can help you at your Fair Work Commission unfair dismissal conciliation.